Trade & Export Services

Our presence in a market always translate into a profound knowledge of its economic landscape. It is our job to quickly target each trade & industry leader and regularly identify movers and shakers. This is what we refer to as target qualified leads. Our value added is to rapidly identify, qualify and connect with those who may drive sales and/or new business development opportunities. We can rapidly provide intelligence on distribution networks & market regulations.

As such, our network makes us the perfect matchmaker. We can quickly identify knowledgeable partners that are perfectly qualified to rapidly integrate your corporate culture and values, translate them for the market and involve themselves to sell and distribute your products. Our role can go from simple analysis, to mission organization, to in-depth strategies on representations.

What we can do for exporters:

  • Market Reports & Background Checks
  • Qualified Partner, Distributors & End users search
  • On-site matchmaking missions with qualified targets
  • Matchmaking during Trade shows
  • Organization of Trade Missions

CIDEP is also offering pragmatic solutions to succeed in establishing your company in the Canadian market. Our shared cost business centre allows your organization or company to immediately enjoy a commercial address in Canada at a fraction of the cost. You may also benefit from our staff recruitment services with Canadian expertise.

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Ludovic Ortuno

EDOs that entrusted us with our Trade & Export Service



With us, you will experience a personalized service, a dedicated firm’s partner will always be in touch with you from A to Z to ensure the highest quality possible in every aspect.

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We have a complete transparency policy and we think that any material developped in the course of your service delivery is yours. We are happy to open the books for you and guide you through our craftmanship.

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All our team members are dedicate passionate people. We are Economics, International Relations and Sociology nerds combined with a deal closing abilities. We are happy to put our skills to the service of your community.

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