In-Market Representation

In Market Business Development & Representation is where CIDEP can distance itself from the competition. The combination between your intimate knowledge of your territory and what it has to offer to potential investors and our knowledge of the industry and its value chains of the targeted market, compatible with your offer is what creates the greater outcome of new jobs and investments and lead to faster and actual results.

An extension of your Business Development Team

Our representation service is not less than an in-market office extension of your EDO : our seasonned FDI professionals act on your behalf in the targeted market to generate investment & job creation in your territory, fast track trade development and provide aftercare services.

Our Representation service is the most efficient and cost effective way to promote your region and implement a sustainable FDI attraction & Trade Development strategy.

This service includes:

  • Dedicated Senior Staff carrying personalized business cards
  • Organization of in-country FDI & Trade Missions
  • Year round on-site assistance
  • Local Adress, dedicated phone line
  • Garanteed Results

Get in touch with our expert

Ludovic Ortuno

EDOs that entrusted us with our in-Market Representation Service



With us, you will experience a personalized service, a dedicated firm’s partner will always be in touch with you from A to Z to ensure the highest quality possible in every aspect.

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We have a complete transparency policy and we think that any material developped in the course of your service delivery is yours. We are happy to open the books for you and guide you through our craftmanship.

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All our team members are dedicate passionate people. We are Economics, International Relations and Sociology nerds combined with a deal closing abilities. We are happy to put our skills to the service of your community.

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