FDI Lead Generation

FDI is increasingly difficult to attract in a global market place given the vast amount of information readably available in the due diligence process. As such developed countries have lost a key information based advantage in attracting a desired level of FDI.

In such an environment CIDEP cuts through the information clutter and noise to offer EDOs and IPAs our team’s extensive expertise and in market knowledge in a clear cut analytical format to successfully identify, qualify and connect with key prospects.

Our team will establish and implement a comprehensive investment attraction strategy and provide agendas of Pre-Qualified Meetings with prospective companies that have expressed an interest in expanding within your territory. FDI Leads in the Pre-Qualified agendas will have passed the test of meeting your requirements.

We Propose 

Tailor-made Lead Generation Campaigns with unique approach including:

  • Granular identification of your targets based on your local chain of value
  • Targeted on-site FDI prospection missions with local support and liaison service
  • Clear and transparent reporting justifying our work

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Our Target Industries

Aerospace & Defense

Advanced Manufacturing

Life Sciences

Digital Media

Food Processing

Clean Tech


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With us, you will experience a personalized service, a dedicated firm’s partner will always be in touch with you from A to Z to ensure the highest quality possible in every aspect.


We have a complete transparency policy and we think that any material developped in the course of your service delivery is yours. We are happy to open the books for you and guide you through our craftmanship.


All our team members are dedicate passionate people. We are Economics, International Relations and Sociology nerds combined with a deal closing abilities. We are happy to put our skills to the service of your community.