our approach

We believe lists of leads are important as long as they are backed up with a sound, workable and measurable strategy. The provision of a lists of prospects is simply a step and not an ultimate goal. As such, IDENTIFYING AND QUALIFYING prospects must be carefully done so as to make the best possible CONNECTION. We fully understand that it is the quality of our team that  directly impacts the ultimate outcome.

The CIDEP team is mandated to thoroughly follow a proven and prescribed methodology and to deliver the client a product that reflects (i) a “hands on” fully assessed data base of prospects, (ii) a deep understanding of the client’s region and its attributes and (iii) a personal relationship with suitable prospective companies advanced to the client.

The quality of our team will have a direct effect on the outcomes, that is why we are following thorough yet an efficient methodology. What we will deliver to your team will be the result of:

  • Human curated data;
  • A deep assessement process, in conjunction with a great understanding of your region;
  • Relationships we established with adequat companies;

In fact, our methodology calls for direct contacts with qualified potential movers and shakers in targeted sectors rather than simply the provision of an ubiquitous company list of prospects. Our experienced in-market team takes on the responsibility of maximizing lists into results.

how can we help you?

Let’s discuss your strategy for bringing new companies in your region and help your exporters.

“I have personally worked directly with the CIDEP team on a number of the projects, and can vouch in terms of their excellent client service and dedication to results.”

Joe Burke
Deputy Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Economic Development

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